Conference: The Kurdish freedom struggle CANCELLED


Saturday, April 4
Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth St, Melbourne. Doors open for registration at 9:30am; conference finishes at 5:30pm. Organised by the Federation of Democratic Kurdish Society-Australia, Kurdish Women’s League of Victoria, Rojava Solidarity (Sydney) & Australians for Kurdistan

Tickets: $50 solidarity, $15 regular, $7 concession
For more information: Email Australians for Kurdistan

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How Turkey has got Europe over a barrel

[Sarah Glynn, co-convenor of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan, attended the recent conference on ‘The European Union, Turkey, The Middle East and the Kurds’ at the European Parliament, and writes about what she found out.]

Relations between Europe and Turkey demonstrate an unedifying realpolitik in which there are many losers, and the only winners are the usual coterie of financiers, arms manufacturers and authoritarian politicians. Continue reading

Thousands march to free Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan

[By Peter Boyle] STRASBOURG, February 20 — Thousands of Kurds and their international supporters converged for a huge march and rally in Strasbourg on February 15 [see photo above], to demand the release of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. Öcalan has been imprisoned by the Turkish state for the past 21 years, after being illegally abducted in Kenya with the help of the CIA. Continue reading

European left and green MPs support Kurdish struggle

[By Peter Boyle] BRUSSELS, February 13 — Left and green parliamentarians from across Europe condemned Turkey’s invasion of Rojava, the democratic autonomous liberated zone in North and East Syria, at an international conference on February 5–6. The conference was titled “The European Union, Turkey, the Middle East and the Kurds” and was held in the European Parliament in Brussels. Continue reading

Belgium Court of Cassation: PKK is not a terrorist organization

[By Maxime Azadi] BRUSSELS — The Court of Cassation of Belgium ratified the lower court’s judgement and ruled that PKK is not a terrorist organization.

During the first hearing held on January 14, the Court of Cassation prosecutor requested ratification of the ruling of the Court of Appeals in the PKK case. A lower court prosecutor and lawyers for the Turkish state requested time to respond to the opinion of the Court of Cassation prosecutor. Continue reading

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PYD leader: ‘We are the only democratic force in this land’

[Serkan Demirel interviews Shaoz Hesen, co-chairperson of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the most influential party in the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria.]

The Turkish state continues its occupation attacks on North East Syria, there was agreement among US and Russia and Turkey. Can you explain what is going on?

First of all, I must state that the situation in North East Syria is actually a process of chaos and what is happening in the region is closely related to every problem in Syria. The eyes of local and foreign powers in Syria are on the Rojava region, because these lands are rich in both underground resources and culturally. In addition, the democratic life built in the region, the experience gained and the high presence of Kurds in the region disturb the neighboring countries, especially the Turkish state. Continue reading

Les Thomas sings a song of solidarity for Rojava

Donald Trump’s October withdrawal of US troops from the Rojava region of north-east Syria, home to the Kurdish allies who fought off Isis, and the subsequent Turkish invasion, created an instant humanitarian catastrophe with more than 300,000 internally displaced people already.

Melbourne singer-songwriter Les Thomas quickly wrote and recorded The Great Betrayal (Rojava) to highlight the plight of those in the region. Continue reading

Solidarity with Rojava continues to grow

[By Fred Fuentes] October 31 — More trade unions have come out in opposition to Turkey’s invasion of the Kurdish-majority, northern region of Syria, commonly known as Rojava.

The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union Construction & General Division’s October national conference passed a motion “strongly condemn[ing]” the invasion and stated the union’s support for “the struggle of the Rojava People and their democratic system”. Continue reading