A court case that could affect the future of every Kurdish family in Australia

6882556-3x2-700x467[By Peter Boyle] July 28 — A bail hearing in Sydney Central Local Court today opened an extraordinary and an important political trial. Kurdish journalist Renas Lelikan, 38, who spent the last five years reporting from the war-ravaged Iraqi Kurdistan, silently watched the proceeding via video link from the high security section of Silverwater jail while the prosecution opposed bail. He was arrested on July 20 and charged with being a member of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which is on the Australian government’s list of proscribed “terrorist organisations”. Continue reading

Open letter of support for victimised academics in Turkey

[The following appeal is being circulated to Australian academics by John Tully, Honorary Professor at Victoria University, and  Australians for Kurdistan. See below for information on how to endorse. Please circulate to your colleagues.]

As scholars associated with universities and higher education institutions in Australia, we are extremely disturbed by Turkey’s recent treatment of academics who have spoken out against atrocities being committed by the Turkish state against Kurdish civilians in the eastern parts of the country. Continue reading

Turkey’s war on the Kurds


Kurdish youth run through cloud of teargas in Amed.

[The following statement was released by the Kurdish National Congress (KNK) Australia on January 8, 2016.]

After the June 7, 2015 elections in Turkey, in which 80 representatives of the pro-Kurdish HDP won seats in parliament, President Erdogan launched a war against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) for political gain. The war involves the collective punishment of Kurdish civilians. Since August, 127 security zones and 52 curfews have been imposed on Kurdish towns. In these urban centres, the Turkish state has employed tanks, rockets and sniper fire to kill 260 civilians, including women and children. Continue reading

Free Behrouz Boochani!

Behrouz-photo[By John Tully] Behrouz Boochani is a Kurdish writer and cultural and human rights activist from Ilam in Iran. In early 2013, the regime’s “Revolutionary Guards” raided the premises of the Kurdish magazine Werya and arrested 11 of Behrouz’s colleagues. Behrouz’s passion has been the survival of the Kurdish language and culture in the hostile Iranian state. Behrouz fled certain arrest and made his way across the ocean to seek asylum in Australia. Continue reading

Kobanê’s School for the Children of Martyrs


Kindergarten in Kobanê catering mainly for children orphaned by IS terror gangs.

[By John Tully] Children are always the worst hit in any war and the suffering of the children of Rojava has been immense. The victory at Kobanê was a victory for all humanity and with that in mind progressive people of the world have a duty to help provide for the future of those children. Australians for Kurdistan is proud to work with our Kurdish brothers and sisters in the School for the Children of Martyrs project in Kobanê. Continue reading

World Kobanê Day celebrated


Women and children among the ruins of Kobanê.

Tens of thousands of people rallied around the world on November 1 to demand greater international support for Kurds battling the ‘Islamic State’ in Syria.

Last year on the same date, hundreds of rallies, demonstrations and actions took place across dozens of countries to show support for Kobanê and its people at a time when major players in the region, including Turkey and Iraq, were doing little to help its people cope with the Islamic State siege. Continue reading