Rally protests Turkish invasion of Afrin

Afrin protest [By Tony Iltis] Some 150 people rallied at Melbourne’s State Library on January 27 as part of an international weekend of actions in solidarity with Afrin, which is currently being subjected to a land invasion and air bombardment by the Turkish state. Speakers described how the Turkish regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan had sent terrorists from Islamic State and al-Qaeda gangs into Rojava to attempt to crush the revolution in northern Syria. These gangs failed prompting Erdogan to send in the Turkish military.

Speakers condemned Russia and the Western powers for enabling Erdogan’s assault on the revolutionaries who had saved the world from IS. Speakers condemned the violence being inflicted on civilians in Afrin, pointing out that half the population of Afrin are refugees from other parts of Syria. In Rojava, refugees have the same rights as local residents.

Speakers represented a number of Kurdish community organisations, the Greens and Socialist Alliance. The rally marched from the State Library to Federation Square. The event was organised by the Kurdish Democratic Community Centre of Victoria and supported by Australians for Kurdistan.