Erdoğan: Hitler of the Middle East

The online Tasmanian Times has just posted a new article by Australians for Kurdistan activist John Tully, an honorary professor at Victoria University. The title sums it up: The Turkish president and authoritarian ‘strongman’, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is the Hitler of the Middle East. He uses the Kurds as Hitler used the Jews.

‘Erdoğan has shown in word and deed that he is the Hitler of the Middle East; that he is the enemy of democracy; a racist, a chauvinist, an obscurantist, and a war-monger who is deeply personally corrupt.

‘The Kurds, on the other hand, have shown themselves to be a beacon of hope in that blighted region. Their blueprint for a multicultural society, with grassroots democracy and respect for women is a model that could enable peace and progress in Syria and elsewhere in that diverse region. Let’s not let them down again.’