March & rally: Defend Rojava! Turkey get out of Syria!



Saturday, November 2, 4pm. State Library, 328 Swanston St, City. Join the global outpouring of solidarity with Rojava.

Organised by the Federation of Democratic Kurdish Society – Australia, Australia Kurdistan Patriotic Association & Australians for Kurdistan.

Given the go-ahead by Washington, Turkey continues its brazen, criminal invasion of northern Syria. For seven years, Rojava has been a beacon of democracy, feminism, and ethnic and religious pluralism. The racist, Kurdophobic Erdogan regime wants to crush this inspiring example lest it spread across the border and encourage Turkey’s own deeply oppressed Kurdish population.

Rojava’s cities, towns and villages that had been recovering from the long struggle against IS are now being devastated again. Scores of thousands have become refugees. Turkey’s Islamist gangs that are the foot soldiers of the invasion are doing what they do best — looting and stealing, burning houses, carrying out ethnic cleansing of Kurds, and committing atrocities (such as the brutal murder of pro-Kurdish Future Syria Party leader Hevrin Khalaf, dragged from her vehicle, bashed and shot.)

Many Western governments have condemned the Turkish invasion but generally haven’t  moved beyond words to serious action. But solidarity protests have taken place on the streets across Europe — for example, 20,000 rallied in London on October 13 — as well  as in other countries around the world.

(Photo: Manbij, northern Syria: Protest against Turkish invasion, October 17, 2019.