Meeting given an inspiring glimpse of Rojava’s revolution

[By Dave Holmes] An August 11 meeting at the Melbourne Trades Hall heard a truly inspiring report on the rebuilding of Kobanê and the progress and problems of the Rojava Revolution. Hawzhin Azeez, a former University of Newcastle academic and now a central figure on the Kobanê Reconstruction Board, spoke for almost an hour outlining the significance of Kobanê to the Kurdish freedom struggle and the importance of the rebuilding effort. Continue reading

Kobanê’s School for the Children of Martyrs


Kindergarten in Kobanê catering mainly for children orphaned by IS terror gangs.

[By John Tully] Children are always the worst hit in any war and the suffering of the children of Rojava has been immense. The victory at Kobanê was a victory for all humanity and with that in mind progressive people of the world have a duty to help provide for the future of those children. Australians for Kurdistan is proud to work with our Kurdish brothers and sisters in the School for the Children of Martyrs project in Kobanê. Continue reading

World Kobanê Day celebrated


Women and children among the ruins of Kobanê.

Tens of thousands of people rallied around the world on November 1 to demand greater international support for Kurds battling the ‘Islamic State’ in Syria.

Last year on the same date, hundreds of rallies, demonstrations and actions took place across dozens of countries to show support for Kobanê and its people at a time when major players in the region, including Turkey and Iraq, were doing little to help its people cope with the Islamic State siege. Continue reading