AFK YouTube channel

Australians for Kurdistan now has a YouTube channel. You can click here or search under our name. The inaugural content is the video of the keynote presentations at the May 14 online forum The Kurdish freedom struggle & the COVID-19 crisis.

Forum: The Kurdish freedom struggle & the COVID-19 crisis

Thursday, May 14, 6:30pm

This meeting will be held online via Zoom. Click on the link:

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging, the Kurdish people have to struggle not only against the deadly virus but also for their rights against the ongoing attacks of the reactionary regimes and Islamist gangs. This forum looks at what is happening in the liberated zone of Rojava in northern Syria and in the Kurdish homelands in Turkey, Iraq and Iran and the ongoing need for international solidarity.


  • Salih Muslim — Former co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in north and east Syria, currently head of the PYD Diplomacy Office
  • Ercan Ayboga — Kurdish ecologist & activist, co-author of Revolution in Rojava
  • Hawzhin Azeez — Kurdish feminist specialising in gender & Middle Eastern studies, currently teaching at the American University in Iraq
  • Suheyla Ahmed — Kurdish activist based in Australia

Organised by Australians for Kurdistan, Federation of Democratic Kurdish Society-Australia, Rojava Solidarity (Sydney) & Solidarity with Rojava (WA).

For more information email Australians for Kurdistan. Facebook

Les Thomas sings a song of solidarity for Rojava

Donald Trump’s October withdrawal of US troops from the Rojava region of north-east Syria, home to the Kurdish allies who fought off Isis, and the subsequent Turkish invasion, created an instant humanitarian catastrophe with more than 300,000 internally displaced people already.

Melbourne singer-songwriter Les Thomas quickly wrote and recorded The Great Betrayal (Rojava) to highlight the plight of those in the region. Continue reading

Rojava sign-on statement seeking endorsements

Australians for Kurdistan has launched a sign-on statement in support of Rojava against Turkey’s criminal invasion and are urgently seeking endorsements. The statement demands “urgent action to force an immediate Turkish withdrawal and allow the entire civilian population of the border regions of Rojava to return to their homes” and calls for Australia to “impose strong diplomatic and economic sanctions on Turkey to force it to comply with international law and withdraw all its troops and proxies from Syria”.

To endorse go to the page on this website and complete the form at the bottom of the statement.

Rally & march: Stop Turkey’s war on Rojava!

Saturday, October 12, 4:30pm. No Turkish invasion! Turkey out of Syria! US President Donald Trump has greenlighted a Turkish invasion of Rojava in northern Syria. For seven years Rojava has been a beacon of democracy, feminism and ethnic and religious pluralism. The Kurdish-majority Rojava defence forces spearheaded the struggle against the barbaric Islamic State — at the terrible cost of 11.000 dead and 21,000 badly wounded. Turkey’s racist, Kurdophobic Erdogan regime wants to crush this inspiring example. The Rojava Revolution needs our solidarity as never before.

State Library, 328 Swanston St, City. Organised by Kurdish Democratic Community Centre of Victoria & supported by Australians for Kurdistan.


Rojava Revolution: What does ‘safe zone’ deal mean?

[By Dave Holmes] July 19 marked seven years of the Rojava Revolution. In 2012 the newly formed Kurdish self-defence forces took control of the town of Kobanê from the forces for the Assad regime.

Despite all the immense challenges facing it, the revolution has survived. It has provided tremendous inspiration to people around the world. It thus has a global meaning and relevance. Continue reading

May 26: Two events for Afrin

image001Saturday, May 26 is World Afrin Day. Here in Melbourne there are two events to note:

  • Rally & march: Solidarity with Afrin. Turkey out of Syria! No Aust ties with Turkey! Turkey is carrying out large-scale ethnic cleansing in Afrin in northwestern Syria. Some 150,000 Kurds have been forced out to be replaced with Syrian Arab refugees and jihadists and their families. Yet the West is silent. The Turnbull government has said nothing. Join us in a rally and march on World Afrin Day. 2pm. State Library, 328 Swanston St,City. Organised by Kurdish Democratic Community Centre of Victoria & Australians for Kurdistan. (Photo: London rally, March 31.) Facebook
  • Benefit gig for Afrin: Si amo Afrin. Film screening & bands: A fundraiser for Afrin refugees. 5pm on. Melbourne Anarchist Centre, 62 High St, Northcote. Facebook


Rally protests Turkish invasion of Afrin

Afrin protest [By Tony Iltis] Some 150 people rallied at Melbourne’s State Library on January 27 as part of an international weekend of actions in solidarity with Afrin, which is currently being subjected to a land invasion and air bombardment by the Turkish state. Speakers described how the Turkish regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan had sent terrorists from Islamic State and al-Qaeda gangs into Rojava to attempt to crush the revolution in northern Syria. These gangs failed prompting Erdogan to send in the Turkish military. Continue reading